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25 May 2024

Malaysia Set For Double Commonwealth Youth Games Gold

30 Aug 2015

Malaysia is expected to strike double singles gold when Squash makes its debut as one of the nine sports featured in the 5th Commonwealth Youth Games this week in Samoa.

Players from 19 nations will compete in five events - men's and women's singles, and men's, women's and mixed doubles - which will take place at the Tuana'imato Sports Facility in Apia from 5-11 September.

Three-time British Junior Open champion Eain Yow Ng, 17, from Kuala Lumpur is top seed in the men's singles championship - while compatriot Sivasangari Subramaniam, a 16-year-old who won the British Junior U15 Open title last year, is favourite to take gold in the women's singles.

There are further gold predictions for Malaysia in the doubles events where Marcus Wei Jie Sim & Mohd Farez Izwan are top seeds in the men's championship, and Andrea Lee & Eain Yow Ng are favourites for the mixed title - but it is the New Zealand pairing of Abbie Palmer & Eleanor Epke which is seeded to take top honours in the women's doubles event.

Men's singles 1st round draw:
[1] Eain Yow Ng (MAS) bye
Richard Hollins (SCO) v Fook John Shackley (FIJ)
Velavan Senthilkumar (IND) v Jason Doyle (SVG)
[3/4] Luke Jones (NZL) v Aidan Rowston (NFK)
[3/4] Israr Ahmed (PAK) v Benjamin Mekdeci (GUY)
Alex Eustace (AUS) v Robin Morove (PNG)
Stephen Hearst (IRL) v Thomas Da Silva (GIB)
[2] Patrick Rooney (ENG) v Mohammed Saiful Mia (BAN)

Women's singles 1st round draw:
[1] Sivasangari Subramaniam (MAS) v Storm Walker-Glenny (NFK)
Larissa Wiltshire (GUY) v Ellie McVeigh (IRL)
Carrie Hallam (SCO) v Mihiliya Methsarani (SRI)
[3/4] Mari Taylor (ENG) v Kimberley Galea Cauchi (MLT)
[3/4] Harshit Jawanda (IND) v Susanna Armano (BER)
Rachael Gibson (AUS) v Sadia Gul (PAK)
Lynette Vai (PNG) v Kelsey Manuatu (SAM)
[2] Eleanor Epke (NZL) v Thandi Myers (SVG)

Men's doubles entrants:
[1] Marcus Wei Jie Sim & Mohd Farez Izwan (Malaysia); [2] Alex Eustace & Joseph White (Australia); [3] Mohammed Saiful Mia & Rakeen Aziz (Bangladesh); Fook John Shackley & Neil Vakacavu (Fiji); Aidan Rowston & Curtis Buffett (Norfolk Island)

Women's doubles entrants:
[1] Abbie Palmer & Eleanor Epke (New Zealand); [2] Andrea Lee & Zoe Foo Yuk Han (Malaysia); [3] Alexandra Haydon & Lauren Aspinall (Australia); Larissa Wiltshire & Taylor Fernandes (Guyana); Mya Evans Swynenburg & Storm Walker-Glenny (Norfolk Island)

Mixed doubles entrants:
[1] Andrea Lee & Eain Yow Ng (Malaysia); [2] Mari Taylor & Patrick Rooney (England); [3] Sadia Gul & Israr Ahmed (Pakistan); [4] Abbie Palmer & Luke Jones (New Zealand); Rachael Gibson & Jesse Keegan (Australia); Taylor Fernandes & Benjamin Mekdeci (Guyana); Harshit Jawanda & Velavan Senthilkumar (India); Mya Evans Swynenburg & Marc Kalsrapp (Norfolk Island); Lynette Vai & Robin Morove (Papua New Guinea); Carrie Hallam & Richard Hollins (Scotland); Thandi Myers & Jason Doyle (St Vincent and The Grenadines)

The official CYG website is: www.samoacyg2015.ws/