9:19 pm
19 Jun 2024

Men's World Team Championship: Event History (30 events)

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Date Location Winner Runner-Up Final Score
  (3rd - 8th place)
Dec 2024 Hong Kong Event not yet played.
Dec 2023 Tauranga, New Zealand Only events in the last 6 months are publicly available.
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2021 Event not held
Dec 2019 Washington DC, USA
Dec 2017 Marseille, France
2015 Event not held
Jun 2013 Mulhouse, France
Aug 2011 Paderborn, Germany
Oct 2009 Odense, Denmark
Dec 2007 Chennai, India
Dec 2005 Islamabad, Pakistan
Oct 2003 Vienna, Austria
Oct 2001 Melbourne, Australia
Sep 1999 Cairo, Egypt
Nov 1997 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 1995 Cairo, Egypt
Nov 1993 Karachi, Pakistan
Nov 1991 Helsinki, Finland
Oct 1989 Singapore
Oct 1987 London, England
Dec 1985 Cairo, Egypt
Oct 1983 Auckland, New Zealand
Oct 1981 Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 1979 Brisbane, Australia
Sep 1977 Ottawa, Canada
May 1976 Birmingham, England
Aug 1973 Johannesburg, South Africa
Aug 1971 Palmerston North, New Zealand
Feb 1969 Birmingham, England
Aug 1967 Sydney, Australia