8:59 pm
19 Apr 2024

Women's European Club Championship: Event History (20 events)

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Date Location Winner Runner-Up Final Score
Sep 2022 Riccione, Italy Only events in the last 6 months are publicly available.
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Sep 2019 Edinburgh, Scotland
Sep 2018 Eindhoven, Netherlands
Sep 2017 Paderborn, Germany
Sep 2016 Pontefract, England
Sep 2015 Krakow, Poland
Sep 2014 Nottingham, England
Sep 2013 Riccione, Italy
Sep 2012 Prague, Czech Republic
Sep 2011 Belfast, Ireland
Sep 2010 Pontefract, England
Sep 2009 Gothenburg, Sweden
Sep 2008 Linz, Austria
Sep 2007 Budapest, Hungary
Oct 2006 Malmo, Sweden
Sep 2005 Paderborn, Germany
Sep 2004 Linz, Austria
Sep 2003 Odense, Denmark
Sep 2002 Aix-en-Provence, France
Sep 2001 Rennes, France