Latest Squash News
24 May Tesni Survives Heba Test For First Tour Title
Welsh number one Tesni Evans celebrated a long-awaited breakthrough in the Women's Sharm El...
23 May Chu Chops Raj For Maiden Tour Title In Penang
Hong Kong's Vanessa Chu claimed the first WSA World Tour title of her career after upsetting...
23 May Tesni & Heba To Contest Sharm Showdown
Welsh number one Tesni Evans denied the hosts of the Women's Sharm El Sheikh International...
22 May Top Seeds Quashed In Sharm Quarters
A semi-final line-up devoid of any of the top four seeds will see the Women's Sharm El Sheikh...
21 May Nicol David Heads WSA Alexandria International Line-Up
Malaysia's world number one Nicol David heads a star-studded line-up at next month's Alexandria...
21 May Grinhams Go In Sharm Shake-Up
It was a disappointing day for the Grinham sisters on the opening day of main draw action in the...
18 May Liu Retains South Australian Title
For the second year in a row, Hong Kong's Liu Tsz-Ling put paid to a home winner of the Women's...
Latest Squash Results
Name M/W Location Tour Date of Final
Jersey Classic M St Clement, Jersey PSA 24 May 15
Paraguay Open M Asuncion, Paraguay PSA 23 May 15
Sharm El Sheikh International M Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt PSA 23 May 15
Sharm El Sheikh International W Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt WSA 23 May 15
Malaysian Tour M Penang, Malaysia PSA 22 May 15
Malaysian Tour W Penang, Malaysia WSA 22 May 15
British Open M Hull, England PSA 17 May 15
British Open W Hull, England WSA 17 May 15
Las Vegas Open M Las Vegas, USA PSA 17 May 15
South Australian Open M Adelaide, Australia PSA 17 May 15

Today (Sunday 24 May 2015)

Player Country Age
Mary Fung-A-Fat GUY 21
Nell van der Merwe RSA 21
Richard Jones WAL 26
Matus Kovac SVK 26
Alexander Versyck BEL 26
Tereza Ctvrtnickova CZE 27
Jennifer Knibbs ENG 31
Saverio Christovam BRA 34
Ben Garner ENG 35
James Biggin ENG 40
Alex Pavulans LAT 43
James Piddington ENG 46
Brad Radisavlyevic AUS 48
Kristian Hansen DEN 52
Adrian Jaski ENG 53
Nigel D'Arcy ENG 58

Tomorrow (Monday 25 May 2015)

Player Country Age
Amy Campbell-Wynter ENG 10
Olivia Willis ENG 14
Emma Campion ENG 16
Jackson Holliday ENG 17
Matt Boal ENG 21
Remington Hall CAN 23
Sungwoo Jin KOR 24
Emily Strickland WAL 25
Siti Munirah Jusoh MAS 28
Fanni Gyori HUN 28
Mahwish Hanif PAK 28
Daniel Soar ENG 32
Shawn Delierre CAN 33
Daniel Zilic SRB 35
Ernesto Lucena COL 37
Nick Douglas ENG 40
Arnis Tihvinskis LAT 40
Andrey Bratter RUS 42
Geoffrey Davenport AUS 57
Clive London ENG 59
Kumiko Ueda JPN 59
Michael Tidy ENG 63
Barbara Wall AUS 67
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